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Performance Training & Rehabilitaion

At BMT, our team of world-renowned scientists, physicians, and trainers understands that advancing human performance consists of more than lifting heavy weights, running, or eating a healthy diet; it requires complex regimens that must be strategically implemented to optimize results. Our team continuously monitors and tests the latest research to ensure that BMT stays on the forefront of the performance revolution. We then integrate this data to produce a rigorous, customized program for each of our athletes that challenges all facets of athleticism. The data we record and analyze as the athlete is run through their program indicates when he has adapted and what manner of adjustment needs to be made so that the athlete is always confronted with innovative challenges. This preparation equips our athletes with the mental and physical resolve to conquer any obstacle they face in the competition arena.

Our team works with athletes, from high school to professional, who demand to exceed their genetic potential, have unparalleled intensity, and aspire to a successful career in sport competition.

Whether you are a:

1. Professional athlete training for the next season

2. Collegiate athlete trying to gain entry into the professional ranks

  • NFL Combine
  • NBA Pre-Draft
  • NFL Pre-Draft

3. High school athlete training to obtain collegiate sports scholarships

4. Team trying to improve your winning percentage and advance to the postseason

  • Team training and sport-specific programs with detailed regimens for every playing position

5. An athlete recovering from a serious injury or rehabilitating a surgically repaired body part

  • Learn more about our injury prevention and rehabilitation research.

BMT will scientifically engineer a unique and meticulous program to advance your specific talents and goals.

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