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Biomechanical Technologies, LLC. (BMT), is a cutting-edge biotechnology company specializing in optimizing human performance and breaking the physical and mental barriers that limit an athlete’s performance in today’s grueling world of sports. Since the technical knowledge an athlete acquires in his sport increases with age, it is frustrating when the athlete can no longer execute these skills because of physical limitations. BMT's mission is to enable world-class athletes to consistently perform at their maximum potential and maintain this level well past the average age for their sport. To accomplish this, BMT collaborates with scientists from universities around the world to advance research in Exercise Science and Sports Nutrition, and then translates this research and the latest findings from human performance and nutrition labs into competition results for our clients.

Physical and Mental Testing
BMT conducts in-depth, basic and applied research in Exercise Science and Nutritional Biochemistry that is immediately integrated into our client’s training regimen. Our research involves exercise testing, metabolic measurement, cardiovascular measurement, biomechanical analysis, strength evaluation, body composition and bone health, biochemical analysis of body tissue and fluids, and studies of environmental heat and cold stress.

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Neuro-Muscular and Sports Psychology research allows the prediction and control of complex psychological demands associated with high intensity sport. We apply Performance-Enhancement Mental Skills Training and Sports-Specific Skills Testing to study the factors that affect the acquisition, performance, and retention of sports related skills in elite athletes. This includes research into the ways an athlete integrates sensory information with the motor system to proficiently execute a sport technique (measuring perceptual-cognitive and movement execution skill).

Achieving Results: Peak Performance and Longevity
BMT then analyzes this data to develop a personalized training regimen for each athlete, maximizing both productivity and longevity for our athletes determined to reach the pinnacle in their field. This regimen includes pre-competition physical and mental routines necessary for entering the zone, mapping out the best way to train people who have to perform difficult physical feats under stress, and designing practice methods that accelerate skill development and maximize skill transfer to the competition environment.

This integrated and multidisciplinary approach enables our athletes to shave milliseconds off their running, cycling, or swimming times, to lift that extra Kg., to have the mental resolve to engage their opponents more aggressively in high-impact/high-stress sports, and to increase their reaction time and hand-eye coordination. Finally, our research on nutritional supplementation and other advanced topics concerning human performance allows our athletes to train harder and longer, while recuperating faster than their opponents.